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What do you want to talk about today? What is that thing which is bothering you on a daily basis? I have this habit of posing questions to you and I think you do answer those before moving on to the rest of the blog. These questions are what I ask myself everyday. I askContinue reading “REFLECTING”


What is it that you would like to do the most at this point? There can literally be infinite answers to this. Why aren’t you doing that thing though? What is stopping you? You only get one life. I know that that is not enough for doing all the things you want but what ifContinue reading “DO WHAT YOU WANT”


Today you hide, tomorrow you are lost. This blog is for all those who do not allow themselves to be seen, heard or are always running away from themselves first and then the so called limelight. Sometime back someone asked me , ‘ What would you do if you were given a day in whichContinue reading “HIDING”

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