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Never expect things out of people you do not trust a hundred percent. Like never. There might be times when you might consider someone to be your friend but one day you will realize that you were just being used and whatever trust you had in them was useless. Breaking off friendships with people, especiallyContinue reading “EXPECTATIONS”


Listening to my favourite songs on repeat daily, taking long showers, maintaining a journal, and writing a lot of random things are some things which make me happy. Are these categorized as lonely activities or are these just self-reliant happy activities. At least in my case, these things make me super happy. OK, I won’tContinue reading “KINDA LONELY KINDA HAPPY”


I wonder. Each day. It has just become my thing now! Every day seems to be somewhat similar nowadays. There are only exceptions in this routine when I have a new source of motivation or joy or on days when I have just hyped myself up perfectly. Today is one of those days. I wasContinue reading “JUST WONDERING”

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